The Benefits of Clicker Training your Horse and other animals cont

* It motivates your horse to want to work for you
* It is a gentle and violence free way to train
* The bond between trainer and horse becomes more positive and thus stronger
* Your horse will be encouraged to “think” and be creative
* You can still work with your horse when it cannot be ridden
* It usually improves the horses attitude towards work and training.
* It improves and builds trust
* It is fun and can be done by anyone, with any horse
* It can be used to help people that are afraid of horses build up confidence



This type of training focuses on what is right instead of what is wrong, which means it becomes less stressful and can also be a lot of fun for both horse and owner. If you are keen to try this method it is simple to get started. There are a number of ways you can do it. Join a course if possible (like the one that we will be holding next month). Spend some time watching other clicker trainers working. Read up on it, the internet is a wonderful tool, I can highly recommend Alexander Kurland’s and Karen Prioyr’s sites. The best way to learn is to simply get started, pick up a clicker use it when you see something you like your horse doing and then reward it with a food treat. It is really as simple as that getting started. Just remember to keep it simple and have fun.