Consulting Services and Fees.


Horse TrainingHorse training

My work consists of two main sections.

I primarily train animals and owners to work with each other in a harmonious manner. I find that training the owners is almost more important than training the animal, as the owner will still be working with the animal long after I have finished my work. Watching a new a new relationship, based on trust and understanding, develop between and owner and her animal is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.

Animals with behaviour problems are hugely rewarding to work with. I work with the animal to develop trust and communication in order to correct the abnormal behaviour problems. Usually the owner is involved in order to learn what caused the problems and how to ensure that they do not develop again . I find it very satisfying to know that a problem animal is a trusted and loved partner after curing behavioral vices. So many animals are condemned to a lonely and unhappy life by intractable behavior problems. Knowing that we have been able to improve the life of an animal though behavioral modification really makes my day. 

I am available to train any animal, but specialise in marine mammals and horses. With thirty years experience of working with animals I have developed effective methods of training that both the owners and animals enjoy. I have extensive experience with dogs and will work with you and your animal at my facility or yours.

I am available to set up staff training programs and train owners and animal handlers. The most important aspect of my consulting is working with owners and staff so that they can carry on with the new methods after the consulting period is over.


Clicker TrainingRates

R 350 /hour at my facility in Port Elizabeth.

Consulting at your own facility.

Min 4 hours plus travel expenses.

For longer term consulting work.

R2000 per day, plus traveling and accommodation expenses. Please call for details.