So once again I will remind all and sundry, if you are not feeling your best at the time of going out to work or train an animal always start with something easy and something you know the animal finds easy. Do not aim at doing the hardest or most challenging training task with your horse when you are not 100% committed or ready for it. You will set yourself up for failure before you even start the session. As a trainer it is really important to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

The horses you are working with are still animals which are instinctualy driven and as such expect clear precise communication at all times from a good leader. If not they will simply take over the leadership until you are once again fit and functional at your peak. This is natural and how they support each other in a herd situation; it pays to always be aware of yourself. So many times your horse will mirror you and your emotions.

PS I got a good 2 days sleep after been kicked and before going back to work with the wild horses.