What's in a name? cont

A name also creates a mental image and connection for the people in the equation. Strangely horses often take it upon themselves to live up to the tags people give them. I once worked and rode a special horse that was named Satan when I met him, and for many years he behaved like he had the devil in him. Years later we found out his proper name had been Givalon, and he became the old gentleman to suit it. No I am not saying a name will change a horses behavior …

But it does taint our opinion before we even start working with the horse. Just imagine going out to fetch a pony named “Danger”. You will clearly be slightly suspicious, or you should be. Now imagine the same scene but you are going out to halter a pony called “Precious”, your body language will clearly be softer even if you are unaware of it.

Of course there is the superstition – never ever change a horses name. It is considered seriously bad luck. Whatever you call your horse remember to always just take a few seconds to be grateful for the wonderful opportunity of spending time with a horse. They are such wonderful creatures which are always honest, allowing us to love them and appreciative of our care.